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It is human to become emotionally distressed.

It is human to feel helpless when experiencing any of the symptoms of emotional distress

It is very much human to want to live in denial or isolation because of the stigma that is associated with mental health

However, it is inhuman for you to give up on yourself

The totality of man’s existence is in the mind

Uncover your mind power to overcome emotional distress today. Consult a counselor

Fear Unmasked

Fear Unmasked is a life-changing book written by Maureen Declan, exposing man’s true enemy as opposed to individual ideas of who an enemy is. The writer takes a step further to state the reason people are performing below their life expectations while some may never get to utilize their innate abilities to be that man has given an access to an enemy whose only agenda is to stop him. If you are aware that you have been living under the siege of this enemy, this is only but your light at the end of the tunnel, but if you haven’t come to terms with the unexplained events in your life, it is my desire that you come in contact with this expository that brings the right knowledge that will illuminate every dark part of your life to see the self imposed limitations that have stopped you from being all that God has created you to be, fulfilling destiny

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Maureen Declan

The founder of Living Beyond Yesterday, an initiative that anticipates a life of self-fulfillment and peace for all regardless of the unpleasant events of the past, Maureen is passionate about her life’s purpose which lies in bringing hope in hopelessness and mentoring people to self-discovery and a purpose driven life. A depression survivor, who overcame the traumatic experience of losing a husband at an early age of 32 and has since resolved to impact her world with lessons learnt on surviving depression and  her journey to self discovery.

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